About Us

I begin with the Name of The Creator, The Mighty, The Wise and The Source of All Goodness.

Tons of gratitude to the Supreme Creator who has granted me inspiration, blessed me with knowledge, coupled with a sprinkling of sparkling talent and a drizzle of ability.

To my loving husband and kids. It is only because of your ongoing support that I have been able to reach such great heights in my business in such a short span of time. Thanks for being my pillars of strength.

It is only because of your unconditional love and support that I can multitask doing my daily chores as a mother and wife while still successfully running my home-based business as a Pastry Chef that I have proudly called my macaroonery ' Patisserie at Home'.

My family and I have always been of those who appreciate really good food, good deserts and good cakes. A plain old chocolate cake is not what we're looking for. We wanted something small enough to satisfy our craving with an added oomph like maybe a liquid lava chocolate center, plated to perfection on a mini gold cake board and topped with a golden spun sugar nest.

Taking something so simple, giving it a slight twist, adding a few intricate details to give it an amazing finish making it the most exquisite patisserie you will find, is what inspires me to be different.

Unfortunately, you cannot find this at our local coffee houses and bakeries. So basically, that’s what I want to give you, Patisserie’s with a twist.

At my patisserie it’s about using the finest local ingredients and creating amazing artistic creations for m clientele. At ‘Patisserie at Home’ our confections need to be a feast for all the senses but most of all it needs to satisfy our customers because, after all, you the customers are the driving force behind every creation.

Patisserie at Home is a modern-vintage style cakery based in Erasmia (Pretoria). We specialize in French macrons (commonly known as macaroons) as well as an exclusive range of artisan confections.

At Patisserie at Home, every intricate detail is given special attention, weather it be a ribbon on a snowball stick or a stone on a rose bud and every order is wrapped up with a ribbon of perfection and of course 'Handmade-with Love'.

Love & Macaroons
Shazmin Mohamed
Pastry Chef